Pete's IKEA Replacement Parts

Taking Requests for 3D Printed IKEA Spare Parts

Hello, I'm Pete

I'm an industrial desiger by trade. In my free time, I like helping people by making 3D printed replacements for their broken Ikea parts. If you need a part that has been discountinued by Ikea, use the form below and describe the part that you need, and I'll do my best to create a replacement. Small parts are the best as they are less expensive to 3D print. Check out my KVARTAL replacement pieces to get an idea of the costs.

My shop shows all of the parts I have made for other people. You may already find what you need there. If not, please make a request in the form below, and I'll be glad to get back to you.

Fill out my online form.

IKEA sells a variety of home furnishings and kitchen appliances in the USA. This merchandise is often comprised of several parts and components. While most IKEA items are sold in flawless condition, there are some incidences where certain parts are missing or damaged with them. If you notice this problem with your IKEA item after you’ve purchased it, you can seek replacement parts from the company or through my Shapeways store. If you don't see the part you need, just fill in the request form above, and I'll model the part on my computer so it can be 3D printed through Shapeways.

From the date of the purchase, IKEA customers have 365 days to request a replacement part. If this pertains to an appliance with a missing or damaged part, you can bring the appliance and the receipt back to the store where you originally purchased it. The Returns and Exchanges area in the store will take care of your request. Sometimes you can get the appliance exchanged for another one if there are a lot of parts missing or damaged in the item. Otherwise, you’ll just get another part. However, if the part has been discontinued, you might not be able to get a replacement directly from IKEA. Don't throw your whole shelving unit away just because one little part broke! I will recreate that broken part for you!

If there is just one faulty part in the furniture, you can bring that part and the receipt into the store rather than the whole furniture assembly. This should be enough to get a new replacement part as Ikea is usally pretty good about replacing a part (when it's available). But if for some reason you’re unable to make it to the store in-person, you can contact the IKEA customer service representatives and request the replacement part be mailed to you. Again, this only applies to an item with one damaged or missing part. It will take between 7 and 10 days for the part to arrive. My Ikea replacement parts can take as little as 2 days to produce and another 2 days in shipping if the part has already been modeled.

There are cases where you’ll purchase a piece of furniture or something else that requires assembly. These types of packages are notorious for having missing parts, especially missing screws. A quick visit to the Returns and Exchanges department at an IKEA store will solve this problem. You only need to bring your receipt to get new screws. You can also request them through email or by phone. It takes about 10 days for the screws to be delivered. For missing screws, it is generally best to go through Ikea, though I have 3D printed dowels available if you find trip to Ikea inconvenient.

It’s fairly easy to get replacement parts from IKEA if you request them within 365 days from purchasing the item. However, if it has been over 365 days, the only way to get free replacement parts is if the purchased item is still under warranty. Check the warranty plan on your item to see what it covers and for how long. If the warranty is expired, then you may have to purchase the replacement parts at the Recovery department of an IKEA store, assuming your furniture is still being produced and stocked in stores. If you find your furniture discontinued getting spare parts from the store will be very difficult. You may have some luck on eBay or Craigslist. If you still have the broken part, just contact me, and I will be able use it and take precise measurments and recreate the parts for you. They can then be 3D printed and shipped to you.